Mastering the Seven Cycles of Your Life

How to REALLY Manage Your Time

For those who want to go beyond “tips and tricks” and productivity hacks towards a more comprehensive system of managing the precious and limited time in one’s life.

Topics include:

  •  Developing greater focus
  •  Reducing distractions
  •  Establishing positive routines
  •  Making choices among priorities
  •  How to stop doing something
  •  Clarifying intent and setting goals

Time management is one of the most important skills to master to live our lives in the way that we want. In this course, we will look at time at the three levels (Tactical, Operational, Strategic) as well as seven cycles (Now, Day, Week, Month, Year, Stage, Lifetime) and learn practices which will allow us to master time at each level & cycle.

Online Course

(How much is an hour of your time worth? You will get WAY more than $50 of value just from the time you will regain.)

This mini-course is divided into eight modules with videos and tools to help you master the seven cycles of time in your life.

 This program offers:

  •  Approx. 3 hours of video content divided into 8 modules
  •  Insight on managing the seven cycles of time
  •  Printable worksheets and tools which you can use day-to-day
  •  Video and tools are accessible on-demand


Online Course + Personalized Coaching

This package includes the online course AND 2 hours of individualized consultation. The coaching is offered temporarily at a highly-discounted rate as is subject to availability.

 This program offers:

  •   All the benefits of the online course
  • ✓  Specialized attention for any topic in time management
  • ✓  Developing strategies customized to your circumstance
  • ✓  More accountability, if that’s what you need

$250 (for now)

About Tony Tsai

I believe we all can live a life of meaning and joy. To do this, our work is the inner work to clarify our highest values and to live faithfully and courageously in line with how those values guide us.
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