How to Negotiate:

The Art of Getting
What You Want

We’ve been taught that negotiation is hard. it can seem hard because of the way that we approach it. Another way to think about it is having a creative conversation to explore greater mutual benefit. In this short series, we will describe the three-part process of engaging in that creative conversation. 

“I discovered that resolution of conflict comes from people being able to express their own feelings and their own needs in the face of another. Making agreements and setting goals without building upon the feelings of the parties involved is empty, because it does not consider the vulnerabilities of our own humanity.” ~Peter Block

The Inner Game of Negotiation

Topics Include:

  • Understanding your interests
  • Gaining emotional equanimity
  • Doing your background research

Download: Negotiation Worksheet Session 1

Exploring Mutual Benefit

Topics Include:

  • Developing Rapport
  • Understanding the interests of others
  • Enlisting social support

Download: Negotiation Worksheet Session 2

Leverage and Tactics

Topics Include:

  • Building your leverage
  • Recognizing cooperative versus competitive negotiations
  • Using negotiation tactics

Download: Negotiation Worksheet Session 3

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